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Domenica D'Ottavio is the Associate Director of Digital PR at Journey Further.

She has a proven track record of developing successful cutting-edge PR strategies that improve her clients' organic visibility and brand awareness across verticals, ranging from fortune 500s to small businesses.

She's earned coverage for clients at high-authority publications such as the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, CNBC, Business Insider, and more.

Previously at Fractl as PR Director, Domenica played a critical role in supporting Fractl's executive team, expanding its services, and restructuring the agency.

Overseeing a team of ~20 staff across ~60 clients, Domenica took an honest, creative, and evangelical approach to train and cultivate new talent to become the best Digital PR professionals in the US.

Her candid leadership and zest for staying on the bleeding edge of Digital PR resulted in markedly improved staff well-being and a sharp increase in client success and retention.

Domenica's advice and industry research has been published on Marketing Land, Moz, Marketing Profs, Search Engine Journal, PR Daily, and more.


Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

"Domenica is brilliant at what she does. Not only is she a digital PR expert, but she has a passion for the entire digital marketing industry and has taken on initiatives in email marketing, content marketing, and more with a lot of success. She understands the search landscape and how brands can lift themselves above their competition through quality content, link building, and press."

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marketing director, stacker

"Domenica, quite simply, is a rockstar. ​Like the industry we work in, Domenica's outreach strategies are always evolving, and she takes the time to make genuine connections with publishers, even if dividends will be paid down the line. She's constantly thinking of ways to improve, and that drive shows the rest of the team why it's important to stay agile."


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Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

"Over seven years, I worked alongside Domenica and watched her grow from an industry novice to a Digital PR superstar. From day one, she had a natural talent for connecting with others, and a knack for executing Digital PR strategies that would tap into mainstream news. Over the years, she became an incredible executor, marketer, and public speaker. When she became our PR Director, she played a critical role in supporting Fractl's Executive team expanding its services and restructuring the agency. Domenica's Content Marketing, SEO, and Digital PR industry knowledge will make her an incredible asset to any company worthy of her talent."


"I've worked with Domenica for the better part of a decade, initially as a PR specialist and onto other roles throughout the agency. Most recently, she was the digital PR head for Fractl. What I valued most about my experience with her in this role was her honesty, creativity, and evangelical approach to culture change on our team. The sound leadership of her team was also undeniable, as she has received glowing feedback from those she has led. I found her zest for staying on the bleeding edge of Digital PR a refreshing change compared to her predecessors. If you're lucky enough to get to work with Domenica, you shouldn't let that opportunity go to waste."



Domenica frequently contributes her ideas, research, and advice on some of the top publishers in the marketing industry.


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